Mobile energy

Battery containers

Many industrial projects must be put on hold because the power grid has too little capacity. By using a dynamic energy storage system, power consumption can be optimized using intelligence and release capacity in the power grid.

The energy challenge

Industrial projects and investments in hydrogen, data centers and electrification are affected by too little power and too little capacity in the grid. It will take several years before increased capacity is in place, but the need for power is now.

The solution is intelligent

As a contribution to solve this challenge, PSW Power & Automation has developed a new product – BQ Battery Intelligence – a dynamic power storage system for the power grid, shore power, industry and private market. The battery system will optimize the power consumption by using intelligence.

The solution has the following properties:

  • Module based Plug-and-Play installation
  • Flexible – Scalable output
  • Smart energy storage
  • Integration towards all renewable sources
  • Can be adapted to all types of environments

BQ Battery Intelligence can optimize the power consumption by using dynamic power sharing, power boost and energy cost optimalization.

Mobile battery for temporary infrastructure

Our mobile battery solutions is developed for temporary infrastructure and hybridisation which is available in three sizes; BQ-S, BQ-M and BQ-L.

The BQ Battery intelligence solution is standardised and produced, pre-parameterized and tested in PSW Power & Automation`s production facilities in Norway. This guarantees minimal installation time and immediate operation. As a proven electric installer within the renewable sector and extensive experience in battery integration, PSW Power & Automation has the unique ability to deliver an electrical infrastructure turnkey solution for you energy storage products.

The battery solution can be used to optimize power consumption by using dynamic power sharing, power boost and energy cost optimization. In addition to delivering BQ, we can upgrade and strengthen the infrastructure of the local power grid.

BQ – Energy Optimization ensures the optimal operation and utilisation of your power sources. With the help of load smoothing, the efficiency of the energy source operated in parallel with the battery increases. If the energy producer shuts down the battery can handle the loads until a new power producer is online. In addition, the power producer can charge the battery if needed. Energy optimization reduces energy cost by considering electricity prices and grid transfer tariffs.

BQ – Power Boost prevents energy producer overload by using the battery to handle peak loads. The energy producer provides power within its capabilities, while the battery functions as a power booster.

BQ – Dynamic Power Sharing delivers power to a customer grid with no other energy producers connected.

Dynamic power sharing between different consumers can be implemented to prevent overload and consumer priority.

Read Business Norway`s article about mobile batteries enable zero-emission construction sites.

Mobile DC charging containers

Our Mobile charging system is the perfect DC fast charging solution for areas with inadequate grid infrastructure. The container has an integrated battery enabling seamless charging of electric construction equipment, trucks, boats, and vehicles. The containers are designed for mobile transport, giving maximum flexibility.

The Mobile DC charger is designed as a modular and expandable unit that allows for a variation of energy and power rating according to your needs. The smallest unit is suitable for transport on a trailer, while the larger units have a housing that corresponds to ISO Containers (10, 20 or 40 FT).

The unit’s feature:

  • Simple connection and disconnection at different locations
  • Operation in parallel with the grid or in island mode off-grid
  • Re-charging by AC grid or DC CCS charging stations
  • Individual payment system. Only pay for your own charging consumption. Other companies can use the same charger and pay themselves for what they charge
  • Simple operation user interface with RFID-chip
  • Charging up to 360kW on a single CCS plug
  • Automatic load sharing if several CCS plugs are in use at the same time

Mobile fuel cell containers

The ongoing electrification of many industrial applications is creating challenges on the supply side. The higher power demand and peak loads are requiring investments in additional, higher capacity grid connections in areas that have a limited supply. On top of the investment in infrastructure the higher tariffs for high demand periods are creating additional cost.

To help solve this power challenge, PSW Power & Automation has developed HYQ – Hydrogen Intelligence – a hydrogen fuel cell solution for multiple applications.

HYQ is a standardised unit that is manufactured, pre-parameterised, installed and tested in PSW’s production facility. This guarantees minimal installation time and immediate operation. With long hydrogen integration experience and as a recognised installer within renewable energy, PSW has the unique ability to deliver a complete infrastructure turnkey solution including the hydrogen fuel cell solution.

HYQ – Hydrogen Intelligence can optimise the power production by using dynamic power sharing, power increase and energy cost optimalisation. In addition to delivering HYQ, PSW can upgrade and strengthen the infrastructure of the local power grid

HYQ – Power Increase: This function prevents grid overload by using the hydrogen as additional power source to cover the gap between grid capacity and consumer consumption. The public grid provides limited power while the hydrogen fuel cell increases the power capacity in the local grid.

HYQ – Dynamic Power Sharing: The unit continuously monitors and adjusts power consumption against available grid and hydrogen power capability. Energy can be routed where it is most needed, and an overload is prevented by dynamic power limiting of connected consumers.

HYQ- Energy Cost Optimalisation: The integrated intelligenge uses the hydrogen fuel cells to ensure the lowest energy cost for consumed energy. In addition, ensures the highest energy price when selling excess energy to a consumer or back to the grid.