Battery intelligence

Many industrial projects in Norway must be put on hold because the power grid has too little capacity. By using a dynamic power storage system, power consumption can be optimized using intelligence and release capacity in the power grid.

The challenge

Industrial projects and investments in hydrogen, data centers and electrification in Western Norway are affected by too little power and too little capacity in the grid. It will take several years before increased capacity is in place, but the need for power is now.

The solution is intelligent

As a contribution to solve this challenge, PSW Power & Automation has developed a new product – BQ Battery Intelligence – a dynamic power storage system for the power grid, shore power, industry and private market. The battery system will optimize the power consumption by using intelligence.

The solution has the following properties:

  • Module based Plug-and-Play installation
  • Flexible – Scalable output
  • Smart energy storage
  • Integration towards all renewable sources
  • Can be adapted to all types of environments

BQ Battery Intelligence can optimize the power consumption by using dynamic power sharing, power boost and energy cost optimalization.