Energy Storage Solutions

BQ is a modular energy storage system (ESS) with an integrated energy control solution that maximizes the revenues from solar production, energy trading and frequency regulation.

Stationary energy

Energy control

When the laws of physics set limits, software continues to drive innovation forward.

We deliver tailor-made solutions to meet your needs.

Energy Management System

Our Energy Management System can integrate individual entities or large complex systems, all depending on the energy infrastructure. Essentially, EMS provides safe and reliable operation in all modes while balancing energy produced, stored, and consumed.

With its data insight, the EMS fulfills the operational requirements and primary objectives of the designed energy system, enabling limited or prioritized power transfer to EV-charging units, peak-shaving, reducing demand from a weak grid or to keep energy tariffs low. For systems with energy production and storage, the EMS, with the help of its market insight, can act accordingly to leverage the best economic beneficial outcome between store, trade, or use.

When price arbitration and/or balancing services are a secondary endeavour and preserving battery life for its primary objectives is key, the EMS monitors and regulates the secondary activities (through communication with the AMS), ensuring that the use of batteries does not exceed given thresholds that will compromise their life, thus securing the batteries for its primary purposes and maximizing its lifetime for an optimal return on the investment.

Asset Hub

Asset Hub is an asset dashboard customised for your asset collection. This user interface displays key figures for asset status and health, and for some applications, market data and revenue are visualized to give a total overview.

Layout and data-fields will vary and depend on the type of assets and application. This is adapted to best suit the user-case.

The scheduling table enables users to control the time and day of market participation. Alternatively, this can be handled from the AMS automatically.

The asset Hub is web-based, so no software installation is required, but if desired, an Asset Hub API is available for customers who wish to integrate this into their own systems.

Grid Blackout Prevention

A typical situation where the G.B.P system (Grid Blackout Prevention) saves the grid from a black-out is preventing the sum of energy production, or energy consumption, to be greater than the grid connection.

The system analyzes and reacts accordingly, preventing the development of a black out in the grid.

The network connection can be fully utilized without the risk of power outage.

The respons time, from the moment of detecting a critical situation until the system performs load adaption, can be measured in miliseconds.

Mobile Energy – a game changer

The BQ battery system can be integrated with windturbines, solar panels, grid connections, hydrogen storage, and more.

Our mobile solutions are designed as modular and expandable units that allow variation of energy and power rating according to your needs.

The smallest units are suitable for transport on a trailer, while the larger units have a housing corresponding to ISO Containers.


Dynamic AC and/or DC re-charging with high energy density.

Frequency conversion for optional shore power operation.

AC sourcing with unmatched voltage and frequency ranges.

Option for energy trading and frequency regulation services

Simple connection and disconnection at different locations with both on- and offgrid operation.

Automatic dynamic load shearing between connected energy producers and consumers.

Compatible multiple energy sources grid, solar, hydrogen, natural gas and diesel.

DC charging according to CCS2 standard with optional individual payment system or RFID.