December 03, 2021

This is what it takes to create industrial adventures

On Wednesday 1 December, Minister of Trade and Industry Jan Christian Vestre (Labor Party,) visited PSW Power & Automation in connection with the launch of Kongsberg/HySeas. The focus was on new energy sources and how we can use Hydrogen to decarbonize the maritime sector and electrify ports.

PSW Power & Automation is a world leader in shore power systems and works with electrification projects in large Norwegian and international ports. The Minister of Trade and Industry showed great interest in this initiative and says that shore power is on the list of important climate measures in the future.

“There is nothing that makes me prouder, more inspired, enthusiastic and happy than seeing people like you do things like this,” says Jan Christan Vestre. “This is exactly what the world needs. Norway has the qualifications to succeed and this is what it takes to create many industrial adventures in Norway that we need when the oil and gas exports are falling, and this is what it takes, not only for Norway but the world, to reach their climate goals.”

Shore power from hydrogen

The ongoing electrification of Norwegian and international ports is energy consuming and challenges connected to infra-structure makes PSW Power & Automation`s solutions, including alternative energy sources such as Hydrogen as energy carrier, of great immediate interest. In addition, our intelligent battery systems will be important to achieve optimal power consumption.

Therefore, our shore power systems, together with integrated Hydrogen fuel cells and power production with joint power electronics, has caught the attention of our customers worldwide.