March 21, 2024

Shore power solution to port of Frøya

Our congratulations to Trondheim Havn IKS and FRØYA Kommune with their new shore power solution.

We recently handed over a shore power plant to Siholmen Harbor in Frøya municipality. The shore power solution is the first of its kind on Frøya and has a capacity of 800kVA.

Now all vessels that go to Sistranda can have zero emissions at berth.

The shore power system has a design that allows four ships to be connected at the same time and it is possible to choose between 400, 440 and 690V 50/60Hz regardless of the ship’s needs.

Siholmen is one of seven ports operated by Trondheim Havn IKS and supplies an extensive aquaculture industry. We have had the pleasure of working with local contractors and electrical installers on this project and are grateful for a good collaboration.

Official opening will take place on Tuesday 28 May.

Photo: Felix Seifert/Trondheim Havn IKS