July 11, 2023

Secures second contract for grid stabilization in Sweden

PSW Power & Automation has signed a substantial contract for another grid scale battery storage system, this time with Jønkøping Energi in Sweden. The battery storage system will ensure stable and energy efficient power grid in the region.

The delivery includes the design, commissioning, handover and maintenance of switchgear, transformers, inverters, batteries, and an energy management system. The 10 MWh system will be used for Primary reserve power (FCR) and Fast Frequency Response (FFR). In addition, for Off-grid operation in case of grid failure.

Within a short time, we have signed our second contract for a battery storage solution. This time for a 10MWh battery storage facility ensuring stability in the Swedish power distribution network. We are very proud to be the trusted provider for this project and we already see several future opportunities within this segment, says Eirik Sørensen, Managing Director in PSW Power & Automation.

Integration of renewable energy sources into the grid has increased dramatically in recent years. Grid-scale battery storage systems will play a crucial role in stabilizing the electrical grid by balancing supply and demand, managing fluctuations in renewable energy generation, and providing backup power during peak demand periods or grid outages.