December 17, 2021

PSW Power & Automation manage extreme starting-power onboard Johan Sverdrup

This week our fantastic team powered up the Johan Sverdrup process platform with up to 29 Megawatt peak load and made it possible to perform the spin test of the 5MW gas compressor, additional to powering up the 132kV HVDC system on the platform.

PSW Power & Automation has delivered the shore power system and frequency converter station that enable the platform to be commissioned without using any fossil fuel, and has performed testing of major consumers that requires extreme starting current capacity.

PSW Power & Automation has worked with this project since 2019. Our delivery includes over 200 tons of power electronics, transformers, high voltage switchgear and control sections, all put together as major building blocks and synchronized.The PLC top system controls and monitors the whole power stream both locally and with remote access.

Thanks to Aibel AS and Equinor for trusting PSW Power & Automation in this exiting project.