July 05, 2022

PSW Power & Automation delivers mobile batteries to Germany

PSW Power & Automation has signed a contract with Zeppelin Rental GmbH in Germany for the delivery of multiple mobile battery systems. The battery solution can replace or optimize the operation of traditional diesel generators and will be a significant contributor to the environmental decarbonization.  

Zeppelin Rental is one of Europe’s leading companies providing equipment rental services, temporary infrastructure, and construction logistics. The BQ Battery solution will be part of Zeppelin’s rental fleet and will be used in a variety of applications from peak-shaving and back-up power in industrial applications to power supplies for festivals.

“The investment underlines our constant aspiration to offer new sustainable and innovative solutions for our customers”, says Dirk Feyerabend, Head of Central Purchasing at Zeppelin Rental.

“We deliver complete and integrated energy solutions for reliable operations. The electrification of temporary infrastructure and constructions sites requires flexible battery solutions. We see a great potential for our product and are pleased to enter the European market with this contract award,” says Eirik Sørensen, General Manager in PSW Power & Automation.

For more information, please contact:

Eirik Sørensen, Managing Director in PSW Power & Automation

Phone: +47 936 78 233