August 20, 2021

PSW Power & Automation awarded green contracts

PSW Power & Automation has been awarded several major contracts within shore power systems and hybrid solutions with a total value close to 180 MNOK. One of them is with Aibel and includes a commissioning power system to the new Johan Sverdrup process Platform.

The delivery to Aibel`s yard in Haugesund consists of a converter system with a total capacity of 30MVA peak and will supply the platform with power during the commissioning phase of 9 months. The system is designed according to IEC 80005-1 International standard of high voltage shore connection. The system shall be ready for delivery January 2021 and will give a huge environmental benefit.

The other contracts include amongst other 36 connection points for shore power and:

  • Shore power and charging systems for Trondheim Harbor; Kystruten and several other locations
  • Shore power and charging systems for Bodø Harbor; Kystruten and several other locations
  • Battery containers for electrical ferries and hybrid offshore vessels
  • Shore power system for PSW Group yard in Sløvåg
  • Shore power Florø Harbor
  • Shore power Halden Harbor

 The projects have already started and will be delivered through 2020 to Q2 2021.

“PSW Power & Automation is proud to be chosen as the preferred supplier of advanced technical solutions“, says Eirik Sørensen, General Manager in PSW Power & Automation. “We have been supplying advanced technical solutions within shore power along the Norwegian cost for many years now and we appreciate returning customers who wants us to participate in their new projects. These days we are developing the next generation high-energy compact converter system which will be available within 2021. We have great faith in this new product and that it will strengthen our position within the green shift and renewable energy in the years to come.”

The demands and expectations for green harbors and environmentally friendly solutions within the maritime sector are getting more and more strict, in Norway as well as internationally. Norwegian shipowners will lead and fight the climate challenges and the goal for the Norwegian Shipowners Association is that the Norwegian fleet shall be climate neutral within 2050. This requires innovative, cost-effective and good technical solutions.

Want to know m about shore power solutions?

PSW Power & Automation delivers complete power and energy storage solutions within offshore and maritime industry. The company has amongst other specialized in electric power- infrastructure and shore power systems which supplies vessels with energy both in Norwegian and foreign harbors.