June 08, 2021

Our congratulations to Florø Harbor

It was a formal opening of Florø Harbor`s new shore power plant today. Florø Harbor is pleased to finally be able to offer shore power connection to vessels at shore, both at Fugleskjærskaia and Botnastranda. Shipping is responsible for 67% of greenhouse gas emissions in Florø and together with noise pollution from the vessels this a environmentally friendly contribution to the port. A supply ship consumes approximately 1500 liter diesel per 24 hours when at shore, so there are huge savings for the shipowners when shore power is available.

PSW Power & Automation has supplied the shore power solutions for both Fugleskjærskaia and Botnastranda and includes:

  • 2  x  20” shore power containers
  • 5  x  connections points
  • 4  x  cable drums

The solution is highly flexible because it is possible to run with different voltage between the connection points.

Fugleskjærskaia can supply three large vessels or six small vessels at the same time.

Botnastranda can supply one large or multiple small ships at the same time.

Watch the newsbreak on NRK Vestlandsrevyen

The mayor of Kinn, Ola Teigen, and chief of harbor, Linda Mortensen Midtø, opening one of the two new shore power plants. They managed to illustrate the noise reduction when connecting to shore power.