April 24, 2018

Makes Norwegian ports greener

PSW Group has via their subsidiary PSW Power & Automation recently secured several shore power projects, and is currently planning and projecting new facilities for CCB, North Agency, Ålesund Harbor and Kristiansund Harbor. The projects include both system delivery and electrical infrastructure at location.

Ships that are docked must run their auxiliary engines to supply the ship with power; this causes harmful emissions such as NOx, sulfur and soot particles and the greenhouse gas CO2. By connecting to shore power the vessels do not need to run the engines, emissions are cut, noise is reduced, and shipping companies save fuel costs.

“Seven percent of greenhouse gas emissions from coastal shipping occurs while the ships are in port; it is great to be able to contribute to making Norwegian ports more environmentally friendly by supplying shore power solutions”, says Eirik Sørensen, General Manager PSW Power & Automation.

The projects will be completed by the end of 2018.

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