April 21, 2022

Entering green hydrogen collaboration

PSW Power & Automation and Westgass Hydrogen enter a strategic collaboration aimed towards deployment of container-based hydrogen fuel cell systems for power applications.

The two companies will collaborate on the piloting, marketing and sales of hydrogen-based solutions for power generation in off-grid and on-grid locations. Preliminary areas of interest will be the deployment of fuel-cell generators in land-based applications including, but not limited to, shore power systems for the marine industry, construction, aquaculture, and grid support.

Westgass is an energy company investing in building a green hydrogen and green ammonia value chain in Europe, Africa and Asia. PSW Power & Automation is an engineering company that delivers complete solutions within electrification and renewable energy, specializing in the design and integration of electrical power systems, electrical infrastructure, energy storage systems and control systems.

Westgass Hydrogen will be responsible for the sourcing and delivery of green hydrogen for such applications and PSW will be responsible for the delivery of electricity generation and control solutions. The parties will look to leverage each other’s network to collaborate with other relevant technical and/or service providers where applicable.

The initiative represents an important step towards securing continuous investment in environmentally friendly energy production.

“Adding hydrogen energy production to our product portfolio is an important step for Power & Automation and advances our vision to be the leading supplier of clean power solutions both in on-grid and off-grid solutions” says Jens Hjorteset, Business development manager in PSW Power & Automation.

PSW Power & Automation`s engineering and manufacturing team will design and build the container-based hydrogen power systems using fuel cell technology as building blocks for larger power systems.

Furthermore, an energy control system combining alternative energy sources such as solar energy, battery and hydrogen fuel cells will be developed for easy integration and efficient utilization of different energy sources.

“Decarbonization is inevitable and at Westgass Hydrogen, we are convinced that hydrogen will play a central role in creating a better future, both environmentally and economically. We are looking forward to working with PSW Power & Automation on upcoming hydrogen power solutions,” says Kinar Kent, CEO of Westgass Hydrogen.