March 18, 2022

Shore power system for Port of Trondheim, Orkanger

PSW Power & Automation handed recently over a high voltage shore power solution with the capacity of 4,4MVA with possible extension of capacity to 6,6MVA to Port of Trondheim – Orkanger.

The shore power solution is module based and tailormade for pipe-laying vessels, container vessels and cruise ships as well as integration against hybrid battery systems onboard vessels.

“Port of Trondheim is very pleased with the collaboration with PSW Power & Automation regarding this delivery. Our experience is that PSW is a very professional, knowledgeable and service minded partner, contractor and supplier of shore power systems,” says Tor Erik Taftø Svorkås, Manager of project department at Port of Trondheim.

The solution is designed according to IEC 80005-1/80005-2 and includes 22kV substation and switchgears, optional capacity to multiple quay outputs and “bus-tie” solution for optimum distribution of energy/flexibility.

In addition, the delivery consisted of a low-voltage shore power system for smaller vessels designed according to 80005-3.

PSW Power & Automation thanks Port of Trondheim for the assignment and appreciate the good collaboration.

Photo: from the spoolbase Grønøra, Orkanger. Trondheim Havn IKS.