Battery and hybrid electric fish farms

Aquaculture hybrid

The power requirement within Aquaculture has large variations and fluctuations. The average load is relatively low while the diesel generators are dimensioned for peak loads.

With use of a battery and hybridisation we can reduce operating hours on the generator-sets and ensure optimal loading when generators are online. This results in reduced fuel consumption, maintenance cost and emission of greenhouse gasses. 

The solution is ready for shore power or hydrogen power connection when and where this is available. A hybrid solution with use of renewable energy sources requires a battery to ensure energy and cost optimalisation.

In addition, the solution can be integrated with a DC charging solution for electric workboats that are operating in the area.

With our extensive experience within shore power, battery hybridisation and as a proven electric installer within renewable energy sector, PSW Power & Automation has the unique opportunity to deliver a complete turnkey hybridisation project.

Workboat Charging

PSW Power & Automation offers DC fast charging solutions for safe and reliable power transfer from the aquaculture power system to the onboard batteries. The DC charging is done with use of high-power CCS. The power transfer is 200kW, that ensures fast recharge of the work boats operating in the area.