Subsea electrification

EVA – Electric Valve Actuator

PSW Power & Automation and SubC Solutions has developed an advanced solution which enables oil companies and service companies to completely electrify their subsea installations. Our Electric Valve Actuator (EVA) has an integrated control and communication solution which enable electrification of the subsea installations independent of the existing subsea infrastructure and EPCI contractor.

EVA is scalable from 50 Nm to 3000 Nm and is available with battery packs for failsafe operation. Functionality includes open/close and choke operation with auto homing and position retention at power loss. It can be configured for multiturn or 90 degrees operation for different valve types and has flexible control interface with Serial, Ethernet and CANbus communication, meeting SIIS level 1 through 3 and other industrial interface standards.

Our Electric Valve Actuator will be a huge contribution to sustainable subsea operations in addition to being time and cost efficient.


  • All electric valve operation with low power consumption
  • Cost effective solution
  • Easy installation and service compared to hydraulically solutions
  • Can be delivered with API 17F qualified control system for subsea integration
  • Reduce operational equipment both topside and subsea
  • Eliminates the risk of hydraulic fluid leakage
  • Operate valves remotely without use of ROV
  • Reduce umbilical complexity and costs
  • Performance and conditioning monitoring of electrical valve actuator
  • Valve operation signature data

Typical application

  • Oil production and injection XT (Valve Tree)
  • Manifolds and Templates
  • Subsea storage
  • Subsea separation
  • Water treatment systems
  • Chemical systems
  • Subsea tools and ROV tools
  • Flowline riser bases
  • BOP`s, SSD`s and Capping Stack`s
  • MPD and other drilling systems
  • Pumping systems
  • Work-over systems
  • Subsea mining
  • Ocean farming
  • Offshore wind and wave projects
API 17F qualified electronicsPR2 tested
Scalable design with different sizes and valve interfacesHigh reliability and long life expectancy
Scalable design with different sizes and valve interfaces3000 meters operational depth
Failsafe functionalityUser configurable
Flexible power, control and communication interface optionsPermanent or ROV retrievable versions
Optional battery pack with battery management systemLow power consumption
Standart material: titanium gr. 5 (wetted parts)Continuing valve position monitoring