Shore power

Making the ports greener

PSW Power & Automation offers complete, seamlessly integrated shore power systems for safe and reliable power transfer from the public electric power grid to the vessel while in port. We have focus on sustainable onshore power systems and all designs are according to IEC 80005-1 and IEC 80005-3.

In addition to delivery of shore power systems and services PSW Power & Automation can deliver optimized solutions to upgrade and strengthen infrastructure of the local grid and port network.

 Shore power solutions

  • Complete shore power and energy storage systems
  • Plug and play power solutions for maritime applications
  • Userfriendly
  • Design, production, installation and commissioning
  • Low and high voltage infrastructure
  • Retrofit and new installations

Shore power for rent

  • Containerized solutions
  • 450 kVA – 3,4 MVA modules
  • Single or parallel shore power units up to 16MVA
  • Simple and intuitive operator controls
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Additional static converters and transformers for rental
  • Consultancy and inhouse test facilities

Shore power – commissioning phase

  • Modular solutions for commissioning power
  • Commissioning power for major yard facilities – production platforms – FPSO`s – MODU`s
  • Static converters for multiple purpose: variable speed, high starting current, testing and FAT/SAT
  • Typical 1MVA – 40MVA
SHORE POWER MODULE450kVA – Low harmonic
SHORE POWER MODULE780kVA – Low harmonic
SHORE POWER MODULE1000kVA – Low harmonic
SHORE POWER MODULE1200kVA – Low harmonic
SHORE POWER MODULE1750kVA – Low harmonic
SHORE POWER MODULE2200kVA – Low harmonic
SHORE POWER MODULE3400kVA – Low harmonic

Shore power by hydrogen

The world runs on energy. Decarbonization is inevitable.

The maritime industry needs an alternative to diesel for its high-capacity electricity supply. A Norwegian consortium has been established to deliver this through clean hydrogen-based shore power solutions and consists of PSW Power & Automation, Westgass, H2 Production and CCB (Coast Center Base at Ågotnes).

This pilot shows how we can increase the energy supply by using hydrogen as a renewable energy source or run in hybrid configuration with power from the grid.

PSW Power & Automation provides the technology for this project which demonstrates a hybrid shore power solution. A system which power electronics are designed, built and tested at our facilities at Ågotnes. Read more about the pilot.

Together – for a better climate.